Retreat Center Vinica

If you have always wanted to work for Dharma – this is the right place and time to do it. Friends from around the country gather here to work and meditate together. Every few years Lama Ole Nydahl gives a course here and several times a year we host a meditation course with travelling teachers. The rest of the days in the year are full of potential for work and development.

The place of the center has been chosen by Lama Ole many years ago and here are some of the things he says about it:
“Whenever you have more time you should come here, because this is the place we are going to show to the world.”, 2004

“This is a place of great clarity”, 2008

The name given to the center by Lama Ole Nydahl is “Light Rays of Great Bliss”.

Together with many friends, you can be a part of this development. When you have the time, come to work and meditate with us. The availability of sufficient resources is also an important cause to make all this possible.

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Located on a high plateau near Varna, Bulgaria, it offers a 108 degrees view over the Black Sea. In four steps since the mid 90s, we reached an area of over 25 thousand sq.m.

Facilities are still for real yogis. Water is from reservoirs; electricity from generators; there is a toilet and gas cooking and heating facilities.
Accommodation is ascetic. You can stay in a tent, the caravan, two construction site containers or in the bunker if you are doing a retreat. We are finishing the first house now with a 30sq.m. gompa.

Contact with us
Address district Vinica, Varna
Mobile +359 878 219 108